“I was very impressed by Joyce's in depth understanding of how PR should work. She brought me through the process and important content of sending a press release and was great at teasing out ideas. She focused on what I wanted to achieve and catered the material to my personal needs,” Leah Hewson, artist

“I have worked with Joyce on an ad-hoc basis for almost 1 year. With practical advice and expert opinions Joyce has shown me how to manage my own PR, and most importantly for me and my business, to talk with the media. I overthought so much and  complicated every email but Joyce helped me to understand how to talk to journalists and this has been invaluable to me and my business. Forever grateful,” Sarah Doyle, Better Life Project

“Joyce is an absolute professional and very easy to work withI enjoyed every minute working with Joyce and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone. Joyce invested time and attention to really understand who I am and what I wanted and went the extra mile to get results,” Shauna Keogh, Emmy-nominated TV producer

”It was a delight to work with Joyce. Under her guidance I felt both strong support and new potential within myself as a writer. Through conversation she provided in depth media insights, practical tips, contacts, encouragement and most importantly a safe atmosphere to flesh out ideas and strategies. From this foundation I felt far more informed to move forward with a sense of independence and confidence,” Laragh McCann, international model and photographer 

”When you run your own business the media can be an important PR platform to get your brand and your message out there. But developing meaningful relationships with the right media outlets for your business can be tricky. Joyce Fegan truly understands the media and brand messaging. Having worked as a journalist she knows how to pitch a story, what messaging will and will not get picked up and how to find the best fit for your business. I highly recommend working with Joyce and this workshop is an excellent one,” Joanna Fortune, clinical psychologist and author