Ep 10: Permission to eat? How to trust your body, no diet or workout required

We chew the fat on diet culture with Registered Nutritionist Carla Bredin of Wild Healthy. Carla does not believe in dieting or that a number on a scale is an accurate barometer for our health.

We talk diet, exercise, appetite, the patriarchy and why the social dictat that women should shrink in order to take up less space, both physically, politically and financially, is at the heart of diet culture.

If you're tired of eating from the rules in your head and not the cues in your body, this episode is for you.

If you're exhausted by the constant mental negotiation and calculus you go through when deciding over getting a scone or a protein ball, when you're out for coffee with your best friend, this is episode is for you.

If you're as equally afraid of trusting your appetite as you are of continuing to diet, for the rest of your life, this episode is for you

And, if you want to value yourself for more than what you look like and are curious about intuitive eating, this episode is for you.

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Carla Bredin