Ep 9: Financial freedom and goal setting from the accountant who changed her life

This week’s episode is as a result of you and your feedback. Listeners were asked what they grappled with, and by the far the most common answer was goal setting, especially around finances.

So, we consulted a woman who transformed her life from a four-figure salary, as in earning less than £10,000 a year, to a life where she can finish up work mid-afternoon, jump on her bike and head for a cycle in the mountains and who, now has enough financial security that going to work every day is a choice. 

Her name is Wendy Merrigan and she, is a chartered accountant, who instead of just looking at people's bank accounts asks her clients why they work in the first place and what exactly it is they want out of life.

Over the last decade Wendy has refined a 7-step goal setting process that you can apply to just about anything. Not only has she seen her own life change she’s seen her clients’ lives change too.

“It’s not magic,” she says, it’s just deciding a goal and following the steps, daily. All of this started after a pretty big wake up call in her 30s.

In this week’s episode we walk through those 7 steps, defining your goal in the first place, productivity hacks, overcoming limiting beliefs and the four books she swears by and has done so for years.

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Wendy Merrigan