Episode 6: Social anxiety or is it?

In this week’s episode we talk social anxiety or what we sometimes refer to as social anxiety, that dread of going to that office party or that family function, the expectations we put on ourselves to be the social butterfly, and the last to leave the party.

We consult psychologist, TEDx speaker and best-selling author Joanna Fortune about what’s really going on when we feel that dread, what social anxiety is and isn’t. We talk about the desire to hibernate and why that’s not only OK but also fairly natural and we also dicuss coping mechanisms and strategies to get through this so-called party season.

Joanna Fortune's book 15 minute parenting - the quick and easy way to connect with your child is filled with practical tips and techniques for using play as a language to strengthen your relationship with your child.  Available in all good bookstores and online.  Read more about Joanna on www.solamh.com

Joanna Fortune