Episode 5: Bingeing, dieting and the way back

Amanda Grace

In this week's episode we talk body - food, fat, obsession, bingeing, dieting and what it's all really about.

We talk to artist Amanda Grace who at the age of 6, had her tummy poked by a seamstress who said: "That's what you get for being greedy."

Amanda talks about her life long pursuit of weight loss, how she thought dieting was her "duty" as a woman in the world and how she turned it all around.

"It's a recovery of self," she says.

Amanda Grace is a Visual Journal Artist and facilitator of creative recovery. Amanda’s work is centred around helping you experience the creative process as a means through which to inquire into your sense of self and how that self is expressed, in service of living a more intentional and meaningful life.

Amanda believes that the deeper our understanding of, connection to and care for self, the greater our ability to surrender that which impedes us from showing up and accepting with kindness and Grace, the truth of who we really are.





Amanda has written a blog post to accompany this episode with lots of resources if you want to explore things like intuitive eating and body trust. Find it here.

What Is Journaling:
Journaling is a creative practice through which you use a combination of writing, painting, and collage, in a way that connects you to your inner wisdom, clarity and guidance.

Amada’s RAW creative process is unique and profound way to experience journaling. She teaches this process online and in various workshops and retreats throughout Ireland and beyond.

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In the lead up to the launch of RAW(e):nergy, a 30-day email course to energise and inspire creative process & practice and in celebration of the Winter Solstice, join Amanda as she facilitates the Pilgrim Soul Facebook community through a process in our journals, of reflection and letting go as we cross the threshold from Darkness to light.

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