Episode 3: Caring what other people think

Is this your constant refrain? “I just wish I didn’t care so much what other people think about me?”

In the age of social media we’re more conscious than ever of keeping up with the Joneses, what the naysayers are saying and just how much envy, judgement and begrudgery is really out there.

In this episode we grapple with what other people think of us and we talk to Emmy-nominated TV producer Shauna Keogh about how she overcame her worst fear: what would happen if people found out she was gay - her parents, her friends and her colleagues.

We also talk about the shame of the ambitious woman, keeping your eye on your own horse, cognitive behavioural therapy and how exactly it works and her very important morning routine.

We also talk rejection, taking things personally, asking for a pay rise and taking ownership of who you are.

And lastly - the best advice Shauna was ever given

Shauna Keogh

Shauna Keogh