Episode 1: Changing your life

Grapple - discussing solutions to the scary problems we talk least about

We're all grappling with something; our bodies, our pasts, our relationships, our careers, maybe even our life choices. Sometimes we talk about it, other times we don't even have the courage to admit it to ourselves.

That's where Grapple comes in - your bi-monthly podcast, where we talk through the issues most of us experience, but few of us actually share about.

Sometimes we bring in an expert, other times we talk to someone who's grappled with the issue at hand and is now on the other side. With each new episode we talk about a new problem. And with each new episode we talk about the solution too.

This we tackle the big stuff - taking the leap and making the big change that we’ve been thinking about for months, maybe even years. We talk to author, life coach and TEDx speaker Sarah Doyle, who summoned the courage to follow her dreams about five years ago, and who has not looked back since.

Show notes:

Here are some of the things she grappled with 5 years ago:

Caring what other people thought about her decision 

Giving herself the permission to take the “road less taken”

Justifying leaving a pensionable job to follow her gut 

Here are some things we discuss:

How do you stay motivated and positive when you really don’t feel like it 

A hack to stop caring what people think 

The no.1 tool that has helped her clients make change 

Why is it so hard to do the tiny things we know will improve our life?

Sarah on social media and comparison: “I’m too busy growing my own grass” 

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