Content is king. Especially killer content. But what is “content”?

With 90% of people in Ireland, and 95% of people in the UK having access to a smartphone, and smartphone users checking their devices 57 times a day, content is basically any piece of digital information you can get in front of their very, very, very in-demand eyeballs.

Content can be a powerful infographic on social media. It can be an informative article in LinkedIn. It can be a meaty podcast episode filled with key takeaways. It can be a pithy tweet that gets people to click on a link to your site. It can be a witty caption below a beautiful image on Instagram. It can be a 90-second viral video.

In our screen-centric world, this “content” is being used for marketing purposes - hence the term “content marketing”, where you create articles, take images, come up with captions and record podcasts to give to your audience for free, to build a loyal fan base who will buy your services and products.

And on a scale of 1 to 10, how important is digital content?

2019 is set to be the first year in history that brands spend more ad money on digital media than on traditional media, such as newspapers, TV and radio. In America social media advertising accounts for $1 of every $4 spent on digital advertising in America alone. If you follow the money, all eyes are on screens.

But, and here’s the big but, if you nail your content and kill it with content marketing, you can save yourself lots and lots of money on digital advertising.

Tell me more about content marketing so?

- Content marketing is now used by 93% of marketers

- Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads

- 72% of marketers say branded content (content you create) is more effective than magazines adverts

- Nearly half of all marketers struggle with producing enough content and producing content that engages

Work with me

1. The Content Creation & Plan 2-Hour Session

What you get:

- We examine your needs

- We identify your audience, their needs and their whereabouts

- We strategise like the Editor-in-Chief of a global fashion magazine

- We create a calendar-ed plan complete with key times to post

- We create a content bank

- Linking into publishing tools and systems to save you time

- You learn idea-generation tools so you can do this on your own

Investment = €160

2. The Content Creation Maintenance Package

What you get:

- All of the above

- Monthly 1-Hour Content Consultation

Investment: €120/per month

3. Content Creation

- Blog/LinkedIn Articles - Month’s supply = €279

- Social Media Caption Bundles - Month’s supply = €249